Bruce Bialosky

If you recognize the name Shel Talmy, you’re a true rock ‘n’ roll aficionado. He was the original producer of The Who and The Kinks. Producing just one of these legendary bands would in itself make him legendary – two makes him monumental. He was there when Ray Davies sang You Really Got Me and Roger Daltrey sang My Generation.

Mr. Talmy walked into my office one day. He wanted help collecting his royalties for all those timeless songs that he helped to shape. After decades in England, he had just moved back to the United States, and, when I asked why he had decided to come home, he replied “England is so dark, pessimistic.” He went on to say something that I had heard before, but never in such a personal context: “In England, if they see someone driving an expensive car, they ask why does that guy have the right to drive it? Who is he? In America, they say ‘I want to get me one of those.’”

Mr. Talmy expressed the essence of what America is about – that individuals have the opportunity to accomplish whatever they want. If you work hard and are willing to sacrifice – and you’re blessed with some talent or a little luck you can achieve great things in business, the arts, or sports. That’s why people come here in droves – they want to enjoy the fruits of their own efforts without the government stripping it away from them. The right of the individual to achieve his dreams is uniquely American, and this is the essence of what President Obama does not understand and why he should therefore not be reelected.

This has nothing to do with the question of where he was born. That issue has been settled and is not a matter of discussion. This has nothing to do with his religious beliefs. He states clearly he is a Christian and it is ridiculous to question that. You can even divorce this issue from his childhood. This has to do with his life experience.

His inability to grasp this essential principle – in effect, what America represents – is deeply embedded in his character. It’s the result of Mr. Obama’s focus for his entire life, including his educational background, and his “career” choices, along with the people with whom he chose to associate as an adult. He has molded his own view of life and that view is significantly different than the American experience. Having never worked for a profit-seeking company, his grasp of how America functions exists in a vacuum completely opposite from the America experienced by ordinary citizens of all races and creeds. When he speaks of how he does relate, those expressions are not internalized consciousness, but externalized platitudes. He reads from a teleprompter, not speaking from the heart.

Bruce Bialosky

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee to The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. Follow him on Twitter @brucebialosky or contact him at