Bruce Bialosky

Any Republican Presidential nominee who does not choose Congressman Paul Ryan as his Vice-President has made a serious mistake for his/her candidacy and has deprived the country of a great opportunity.

Some people have suggested that the reason health care legislation was brought back to life after Scott Brown was elected was the large increase in premiums announced by some insurance companies. Conspiracy buffs might argue that it was a Machiavellian move to get the package passed, and thereby increase their customer base by 32 million people; however that would be hugely inaccurate.

But if you think a 39% increase in premiums caught people off guard, wait until they see the skyrocketing increases that will be caused by the new law. The elimination of eligibility based on pre-existing conditions, the removal of lifetime caps on reimbursements, and the requirement to allow families to cover children until they reach 26 years old may sound nice and be popular, but they will be wildly expensive. Insurance rates will soar and the demagogues in Congress will call for a complete government takeover of the system, thereby finally realizing their lifelong dreams.

Back in 1993, a lot of Republicans were upset over some of the appointments rolled out by Clinton – people like Donna Shalala and Robert Reich. In hindsight, these folks are hard-core right-wingers compared to some of the folks lately appointed by President Obama. His initial appointments – the ones made in early 2009 – had some sense and gravitas, but the most recent bunch has clearly been recruited directly from the far left.

It is not possible to claim that you support both Israel and the Obama Administration. Anyone who states that – and California Congressman Brad Sherman is the prime example – is either deeply confused, utterly overcome by cognitive dissonance, or a bold-faced liar.

I made a point of watching the Marco Rubio-Charlie Crist debate for the open Florida Senate seat. I thought Crist stumbled in his opening comments, when he attacked Rubio instead of saying anything serious. But where Crist really buried himself was in the discussion on Social Security reform. While Rubio offered real solutions, including raising the age of retirement, Crist claimed that the cure was rooting out waste, fraud and abuse. You can always tell that a candidate is clueless when they resort to those three little words.

Bruce Bialosky

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee to The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. Follow him on Twitter @brucebialosky or contact him at