Brian Walsh

When you campaign on promises to be an independent, fiscally responsible representative in Congress, voters will typically hold you to it.  That’s why it’s no surprise to see Republican Randy Demmer continuing to gain momentum in his race to unseat Democrat/Pelosi Loyalist Tim Walz.  In just the few short years he’s represented Minnesota’s First Congressional District, Walz has all too often sided against the best interests of constituents and backed the reckless Pelosi/Obama agenda.

Whether it was supporting national Democrats’ takeover of healthcare, the jobs-killing, tax-hiking Cap-and-Trade bill, or what has been described as the “most fiscally irresponsible budget in the history of the federal government”, one thing is clear – Walz is not fit to remain in Congress. 

With non-partisan political handicapper Charlie Cook shifting the prospects of this race towards the GOP earlier this month, the party line votes taken by Walz are not the assets he thought they would be.  The people are ready to send a message to Democrats in Washington and can cast their ballots for a hard working, responsible alternative to the reckless path they’ve been led down so far.  A vote for Demmer is a vote to fire Tim Walz and Nancy Pelosi, and to get Minnesota back to work.

As a quick reminder – the NRCC will be posting race results as they happen on Tuesday.  Be sure to follow the NRCC on twitter for breaking news as races are called on Election Day.

Original Post (07/30/2010):

With the political environment turning toxic for Democrats, a Congressional seat in Southern Minnesota is moving towards a GOP pick-up opportunity. 

Minnesota’s First District sits along the Iowa border and stretches westward from the Mississippi River bluffs to South Dakota. The district is largely rural, but includes the city of Rochester, home to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.  In recent years, this seat has become something of a bellwether, with both parties giving the district a great deal of attention. In 2006, despite the Republican incumbent’s loss, GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty carried this district and, in 2008, Republicans won a plurality of the district in the state’s three-way Senate contest.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.