Brian Walsh

Throughout the country there are a number of Democrats who claim to be conservative enough to represent deeply Republican districts, and in North Carolina’s 7th, Mike McIntyre is definitely one of them.  He’s managed to evade the wrath of angry constituents by touting the bills he votes against, but hoping most of his “Yea” votes slip under the radar.  Its McIntyre’s votes in favor of the Democrats failed “Stimulus”, the privacy squashing Card Check, and for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker that have caused his race against Republican Ilario Pantano to tighten

Since I last wrote about this race, GOP candidate Ilario Pantano has only grown more capable and is waging an strong campaign against McIntyre.  In fact, the latest polling shows Pantano with a slim lead over the incumbent.  Waking up to how voters have received his record in this R+5 district, it’s no surprise McIntyre – in the words of Democrat National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine – is running away from who he is.

For more on Ilario, take a few minutes to review his website and find out the 10 things you can do to help the Pantano campaign.  With your support, we can make NC-07 one of the 39 victories needed to create a new majority. 

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.