Brian Walsh

Adam Kinzinger is the new voice that Illinois’s 11th Congressional District deserves in Washington, DC. Adam began his career in politics at the early age of 20 when he successfully challenged a 12-year Democrat incumbent for a seat on the McLean County Board. During his service, Adam brought municipal government back to the taxpayers of McLean County by advocating for a government that lives within its means.

In 2003, Adam answered his county’s call to duty and joined the United States Air Force. After earning his pilot wings, Adam served with the Air Force Special Ops and Air Combat Command, and his valor was acknowledged when he selflessly saved the life of young woman who was being assaulted by a man with knife. He has been a recipient of both the Air Force Airman’s Medal and the National Guard’s Valley Forge Cross.

Michelle Malkin

Adam will be challenging Democrat incumbent Debbie Halvorson. She claims to be an independent-minded Democrat, but her liberal voting record suggests otherwise. Her stalwart support of Nancy Pelosi’s reckless agenda proves that the out-of-touch Halvorson has little concern for the values of those she represents. Halvorson has given her stamp of approval to the Democrat party’s failed stimulus bill, government takeover of healthcare and a job-killing national energy tax. With unemployment at an unacceptably high 11.5 percent, it’s shocking that Halvorson would continue to push her party’s job-killing, tax-hiking policies. It is said that actions speak louder than words; can the people of the district continue to put faith in Halvorson with a record like that?

Underscoring how out of touch she is with the district, Halvorson has been a scarce sight to the voters she claims to represent. Congress is the “House of the people,” so what exactly is she hiding from? Transparency, accountability and knowing his district is what drives Republican candidate Adam Kinzinger. Over the last few months, he has made himself available to voters at dozens of town hall meetings and continually makes himself easily accessible to all district voters. If elected, he will never forget whom he represents.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.