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Pope Benedict XVI shocked the world on Monday morning by announcing he would resign at the end of February. For Catholics, there was sorrow and there was gratitude for a Holy Father who taught with such distinction and worked with such care to safeguard the church's theological traditions.

But there are those people who hate the Catholic Church, and they are ecstatic. Take documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney, a man who clearly thinks he is holier than the Pope. He told the Daily Beast that Benedict is a "criminal." This helps explain why he's made a documentary for HBO, the home of toxic God-haters like Bill Maher.

Gibney's new film "Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God" centers on a heart-breaking story of a Wisconsin priest named Lawrence Murphy who mercilessly abused deaf boys, and how he was never officially removed from the priesthood. It is a stain, a blemish, and inexcusable.

It is equally inexcusable to distort the story to advance an anti-Catholic narrative. That is bigotry.

Within the first 15 minutes, Gibney displays his complete contempt for facts. He brings in a supposed expert and bitter former priest named Richard Sipe, touting a "25-year study" claiming that, "at any one time, no more than 50 percent of Roman Catholic priests were practicing celibacy."

On screen, you can even see his claim in print, accompanied with the words "I estimate." Gibney does not explain to the viewer in 2013 that Sipe's so-called "study" ended in 1986 or even how Sipe arrived at this fantasy of an "estimate."

This should give you a taste for the Sipe worldview, ignored by Gibney. In a 1995 book, he compared Catholic celibacy to the Nazis -- "everything fits with Nazi theory and practice"-- and blamed celibacy for the Holocaust. "I cannot forget that the people and forces that generated Nazism and the Holocaust were all products of one Christian culture and the celibate power system."

This is Gibney's and HBO's expert.

Gibney continues the assault. He's told the Daily Beast that not only is the pope a crook, but "what's peculiar about the Roman Catholic Church is that at the heart of its doctrine is a lie -- the lie of forced celibacy." Every vow of celibacy is forced and a lie? This man needs to be checked for rabies.

Gibney, like his hero Sipe, believes the Catholic Church must "evolve" into the modern age and renounce its condemnation of masturbation, contraception, divorce, abortion, homosexuality and premarital sex, proving he fundamentally knows nothing about Catholic dogma. (Hint: You don't "evolve" from it.)

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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