Brent Bozell
Once upon a time, it meant something for a reporter to be called a "Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist." The prestige of this designation is quickly eroding. The 2012 Pulitzer Prizes looked less like an excellence-in-media competition and more like an exercise in leftist self-affirmation. No prize established this more strongly than the coveted National Reporting prize going to ... The Huffington Post.

The Pulitzer judges who would rather swallow rat poison than give an award to a conservative outlet, such as The Washington Times, are bestowing kudos on a site that thrives on such celebrity dreck as "Miley Shows Off Legs in Lacy Shorts" and "Kim Kardashian Kanye West Earrings: Reality Star Sports 'KW' Initial Jewelry."

The prizewinner, "senior military correspondent" David Wood, has been at The Huffington Post for about a year. He won the Pulitzer by reporting on the struggles of veterans and their families. It's a worthy subject but also something pretty much every other media outlet has tried to cover over the last 10 years. There's nothing here worthy of a National Reporting prize. What the Pulitzer Prize judges are doing is exactly what the Obama White House did right from the start -- mainstreaming the Huffington Post. Obama took questions in a press conference from Huff-Post political reporter Sam Stein to add prestige to Arianna Huffington's liberal imitation of the Drudge Report. A Pulitzer seals the liberal deal.

The website congratulated itself with a quote from Rem Rieder, editor of the American Journalism Review. "I think it's very healthy to see the Pulitzers have moved, albeit slowly, from a solely print focus," Rieder said. "The world has changed dramatically. There's an awful lot of exciting developments with digital news operations."

But they also quoted leftist professor Jay Rosen oozing about how "old media" and "new media" are now meaningless terms. So now heavily opinionated and oftentimes downright sloppy liberal reporting -- commentary, really -- from the Huffington Post and Politico (which won the editorial cartooning prize) can be defined as part of the establishment.

The Pulitzer judges even bestowed an imprimatur on The Stranger, a Seattle alternative weekly rag edited for six years by radical sex columnist Dan Savage. Eli Sanders won the feature writing category for a story on a horrific local double-rape of two lesbians, one of whom was stabbed to death.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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