Alex Smith

As I watched Chairman Priebus present the Growth and Opportunity Project one year ago, I could not help but be impressed by his courage in releasing its sobering findings and strong recommendations in the most glaring of spotlights: the National Press Club. Right in the lion’s den, the RNC had just laid bare our Party’s weaknesses and goals for the future for the entire world to see. We needed this public moment of vulnerability, however, and one year later, it is even more apparent to me why.

It was not simply because the Project was released following an election we should have won, or even that my generation single-handedly played the most significant role in delivering reelection for the President; it was because the Project gave us the opportunity to showcase the breadth and capabilities of our Party on a national stage.

In many ways, this arc of failure followed by self-awareness, perseverance and success represents a uniquely American story: the Party falls down, learns from its mistakes and gets back up again, stronger and with a renewed sense of hope. What lessons did we learn?

For one, we found that we have to be better communicators of our cause, reaching communities directly with our message. Voters do not inherently reject our set of principles as a whole, but they are distrustful of us when we do not articulate these ideas to them. To this end, the RNC has hired dozens of staff across the country to reach out to African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Pacific Islander Americans, the youth, women, people of faith, and conservative allies. In fact, 91% of the RNC political staff is currently not based in Washington, D.C. We also learned that our Party has to engage voters on a year-round basis and not just a few months before Election Day. For this reason, the RNC has already recruited 10,000 precinct captains to act as permanent community leaders for the Party.

Additionally, the 2012 elections showed us that our presidential primary process is broken and left our nominee at a strategic and monetary disadvantage. Recognizing these flaws, Chairman Priebus led the Committee in making changes to our primary calendar and debate structure. Finally, we discovered that in a digital age, voter outreach needs to made through relevant media and that the quality of those contacts ought to be valued in equal proportion to the quantity. In light of this, the RNC made key hires from Silicon Valley, launched Para Bellum Labs and made its data accessible in real-time to committees, candidates and vendors.

Alex Smith

Alex Smith is serving as National Chairman of the College Republican National Committee. Alex, a native of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, is a graduate of The Catholic University of America, where she graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Politics. Prior to being elected as National Co-Chairman for the 2012 cycle, Alex served as Chairman of the D.C. Federation of College Republicans. During her tenure as State Chairman, she organized multiple deployments for candidates along the east coast. Before becoming involved at the national level, Alex served as a chapter leader for the Catholic University College Republicans. She is currently a student at Seton Hall University School of Law and is also an alumna of Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, a member of the international network of Sacred Heart schools. During her free time, Alex proudly cheers on the Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles.