The Similarities Between Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama

Posted: Sep 22, 2010 7:30 PM

Liberals can't seem to avoid the Obama-Carter comparisons. It started when Chris Matthews fell victim to a freudian slip - calling President Obama "President O'Carter:"


Matthews' slip was understandable, though. There are distinct similarities between Carter and Obama's liberal policies.

But perhaps what Obama and Carter have most in common is a dramatic erosion of their popularity. As Walter Mondale - Jimmy Carter's Vice President - observed, "as the economy was ravaged," the people "turned against us - same as with Obama."

Indeed, the latest Rassmussen poll showed that 61% of Americans want his signature legislation - ObamaCare - repealed. 

At least Carter admitted he "overburdened Congress with an array of controversial and politically costly requests." It might take a disastrous midterm election for Obama to recognize that he has done the same thing. 

Republicans are ahead by 10 points on the 2010 generic ballot and Obama's job approval ratings hit a new low recently. 

If this trend continues, Obama will be a one-term president, just like Carter.