Nikki Haley Responds After Whoopi Goldberg Calls Her Pro-life Stance 'Anti-Human'

Posted: Jun 07, 2019 9:15 AM
Nikki Haley Responds After Whoopi Goldberg Calls Her Pro-life Stance 'Anti-Human'

Source: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

On Tuesday Whoopi Goldberg blasted former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley for her comments at the 12th annual Campaign for Life Gala hosted by Susan B. Anthony List. 

Haley drew ire from critics when she said the pro-choice side of the abortion debate, which “demands conformity,” among women is not real feminism. 

Goldberg took issue with Haley’s comments and spoke about it on The View. 

“See to me, you taking choice from people is anti-human…I don’t say that everybody has to believe, but I say you want to have choice, I don’t want you in my coochie...and you don't want me in yours either,” Goldberg said. 

Haley responded to Goldberg by tweeting an edited video showcasing both women's remarks with the caption “I'm not going to get in the gutter with Whoopi on this, but listen to both of us and you decide.”

It almost seems like Haley predicted Goldberg would attack her for her comments. During her speech, she said the pro-life movement is a "thankless cause" and advocates receive more than a "fair share of name calling and abuse." 

The pro-life movement is a noble cause. It’s also a thankless cause. That’s because the people you are fighting for aren’t in a position to thank you. They are the voiceless ones. We are their voice. There is little recognition in this struggle, little glory. In fact, the opposite is typically true. Many, if not all of you, have endured more than your fair share of name-calling and abuse. (Susan B. Anthony List)

Haley continued by saying that most of the attacks she receives for her pro-life views come from other women.

The most strident attacks came from my fellow women. You’ve heard it all before: Pro-life women are traitors to their gender. If we truly care about women’s rights, we would support abortion rights.

Women are expected to support choice – simply because we are women.

That’s just wrong. We all have to be true to ourselves and to others.

Unfortunately, many on the left use the abortion debate to divide women and demand conformity. They do this in the name of feminism.

But that is not real feminism. The idea that women must adhere to a particular set of values is one of the most anti-women ideas in today’s culture. It is a rejection of the ideas of equality and tolerance that the women’s movement is supposed to be about.

Haley provides a direct rebuttal to Goldberg's claim that being pro-life is "anti-human" in her speech. She contends that the pro-life position is not about women, but for the right of the baby to live--the most basic human right. 

As a pro-life, female governor, I was blessed with a unique platform, and I made every effort to use it appropriately. Not to lob attacks at people who disagreed with me, not to diminish the other side, but to reframe the debate. To explain that being pro-life is not about being for or against women. It is about being for a baby’s right to live – the most basic right there is.

Clearly, Haley showed that the pro-life position is NOT anti-human, rather it is PRO-human. It is Goldberg's position, the pro-abortion stance, which is anti-human. 

Haley's comments come amidst a heated abortion debate in the country. In the past several months, multiple states have passed laws restricting or expanding abortion.