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Watch Marco Rubio Respond to Your Questions

Together with Change Politics, Townhall Media’s “Conservatives Speak!” forum has given Americans across the country access to the 2016 presidential candidates in a way that will shape elections to come.

Today, Florida Senator Marco Rubio responded to the top six issues, chosen by you, our readers: 

1. Bob Owens: Why do you think the Founding Fathers considered the Second Amendment the next most important right after the freedom of speech?

2. Matthew Vespa: How would you reverse President Obama's ambitious environmental regulatory agenda and protect fixed-income seniors from rising energy costs?

3. Cortney O'Brien: How high of a priority will it be for you to defund Planned Parenthood during your first term in office?

4. Moe Lane: If elected, who specifically (please give a name) would you nominate to the Supreme Court?

5. Joseph Cunningham: As a parent and a teacher, I'd like to know: what are your plans on bringing about change in education in America, such as school choice?

6. Editor's pick: Kelly Brady | Berkley, MI: What does it mean to be a conservative in 2016, and ideally, how should that change - if at all?

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