Edward Conard Speaks About “The Most Hated Book of the Year”

Posted: Jun 27, 2012 12:05 PM

Edward Conard, former Managing Director of Bain Capital, spoke yesterday at The Heritage Foundation about his new book, which has been described as controversial and “perhaps the most hated book of the year.” Unintended Consequences sparked a lot of controversy for its spirited defense of capitalism. The book makes the case that private investment has had a positive impact on our country’s growth. Conard repeatedly stressed that the United States has the highest payoff of any country in the world for entrepreneurial risk-takers. He also noted that as a result many of our most talented young people now pursue a career in business instead of becoming doctors or lawyers. While promoting his book, Conard has debated his ideas with liberal television hosts, including Jon Stewart.

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Edward Conard
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At the end of his speech, Edward Conard fielded questions from reporters. Naturally, one reporter asked him about his time with working with Mitt Romney. What was his impression of the man?

“He is a brilliant, witty man,” Conard said with a smile. “Mitt is a humble, grateful guy. Humble almost in the extreme.”

This post was authored by Townhall Editorial Intern, Kyle Bonnell.