President's New Health Care Bill More of the Same

Posted: Feb 22, 2010 3:11 PM
Guest blog post by Rep. Mike Pence (Ind.)

House Republicans welcome any good faith effort to start over on health care reform but the bill President Obama unveiled today is just more of the same government-run insurance, mandates and taxes the American people have overwhelmingly rejected.

If this Administration is serious about health care reform, the president should scrap this 'more of the same' health care plan and start from scratch with a clean sheet of paper and an eye toward the kind of reforms that will lower the cost of insurance. House Republicans believe we can still build a bill that will lower the cost of health insurance, without growing the size of government, and are still willing to work with this White House and Congressional Democrats to do just that.

Congressman Pence represents Indiana's 6th congressional district and serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs
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