The Special Delivery Project

Posted: Sep 28, 2009 7:00 AM
Guest post from Andrew Moylan, Director of Government Affairs, National Taxpayers Union

Let the National Taxpayers Union deliver YOUR video message on health care to Congress!

NTU is launching a new effort where we're asking YOU to send us a short video with a message to your Members of Congress about why big government is not the solution to our health care woes. We will then burn each and every one of those videos to DVD and personally deliver them to your Members of Congress. For the most compelling messages, we'll even schedule meetings with Congressional staff to show the video and discuss the issue. We hope that this project will allow a citizen's voice to be heard in a way that emails and faxes could never approximate.

So take a few minutes and record your message to Congress! Tell them why you think that higher taxes and bigger government are NOT prescriptions for our health care ailments.

Here are the guidelines…

Respond directly to our video on YouTube. When you do that, please also send a message through YouTube to natltaxpayersunion that includes your contact information (email or phone). If you'd prefer not to use YouTube, you may email your submission (with your contact information) to with a subject line: Health care video.

*Make your video passionate, but respectful. Shoot for about two minutes in length. And we don't need Hollywood production values, just your hometown values from the heart.

*Please be sure to give your name, home town, and information about who your Representative in the House and two Senators are.

*Please submit your video by Friday, October 9th. That will allow us time to deliver your video message during the heart of the health care debate on Capitol Hill.

*Keep in mind that we will not deliver videos from trolls, or those containing messages that are vulgar, offensive, or irrelevant to the cause.

*Disclaimer: by submitting a video on YouTube or through email, you are agreeing to allow the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) to show the video publicly (including on our website/blog and other locations on the internet), to make physical copies of it for distribution, as well as to use it for public education and lobbying purposes. In addition, videos submitted contain the thoughts and opinions of one individual and do not necessarily reflect the views of NTU or its members.

As you may know, NTU recently pitched in with organizing the massive 9/12 March on Washington. Hundreds of thousands of Americans showed up to express their frustration with the direction of our government. At the rally, we interviewed dozens of attendees and asked them what their short message to their representatives in Congress would be. We're now in the process of burning and delivering those messages to Congressional offices, but as many people as attended the rally, we know there were hundreds of thousands of you who couldn't come for one reason or another. We'd now like to give all of you an opportunity to have your voice heard in the same way as some who attended the march. We look forward to seeing your submissions!
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