The Necessity of Leadership Education

Posted: May 26, 2009 3:25 PM
Guest blog post by Gen. Tommy Franks

To make our world a better place, we must teach young people from all walks of life how to be leaders. That's why I am proud to announce the Second Annual I Debate - Developing Leaders with General Tommy Franks sponsored by the General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute, the National Center for Policy Analysis, and the Academy of Leadership & Liberty at Oklahoma Christian University.

I Debate is a five-day debate, communications and leadership development camp for t48 of the finest high school students from 32 states across the nation, plus students from Rwanda, Morocco and the Middle East. The camp, which will be held July 12-17 on Oklahoma Christian's campus, will provide students the opportunity to learn from today's top public policy experts about one of the most important public policy issues of our day. They will also learn effective communication skills and the principles of leadership. Students will use the knowledge and skills they have learned and share their vision for the future in a free-style debate on Medicare and Social Security reform moderated by nationally syndicated talk radio host and Fox News contributor Mike Gallagher.

During the camp, students will receive debate training from the NCPA's professional policy analysts, debate coaches and college debate students, and have the opportunity to hear from some of our country's leaders, including former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, two-time Olympic gold medal pitcher Michele Smith, myself and others.

Most importantly, the students will learn from one another, push each other and grow together. By bringing the best and brightest students together to learn leadership skills and debate key issues, we are helping ensure a brighter tomorrow for our world.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to develop our future leaders by sponsoring a student at I Debate. For more information, visit


Tommy Franks