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What Will the Next 100 Days Cost?

Guest blog post by Rep. Gregg Harper (R-Miss.)

Can we afford another 100 days of the President’s explosive spending, taxing and borrowing led by Democrats in Washington?

While families throughout Mississippi and America are tightening their belts and small businesses are cutting expenses, the Obama administration has borrowed more of your tax dollars in the first 100 days than all previous presidents have combined. Despite claims of “fiscal responsibility,” the President has passed a budget that will double the national debt in five years and nearly triple it in ten.

I believe in legislating with common sense, which means freezing non-defense and non-veterans spending and suspending the capital gains tax through 2010 instead of the investment tax increases proposed by the President. I suggest President Obama spend the next 100 days creating and protecting jobs by allowing families and small businesses to keep more of what they earn instead of taxing them to advance his agenda for more government.

Congressman Harper represents Mississippi's 3rd congressional district and serves on the House Committee on the Budget.


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