What's Hot Wednesday

Posted: Aug 06, 2008 11:16 AM
What are the most popular stories around the web this morning?  Townhall does the surfing so you don't have to.

CNN:  Obama Campaigns With VP Contender

Politico:  At-Risk Dems Back Drilling

New York Post:  Novel Tale of Pol's Mistress

New York Times:  Brooks: Where's the Landslide?

Washington Post:  Bundler Collects from Unlikely Donor

Huffington Post:  Topless Women, Kid Rock, Bikers, and John McCain

Houston Chronicle:  Medillin Executed for Rape, Murder of Teens

Slate:  The Conscience of a Carnivore

Newsweek:  Lifetime Revives Another Cheerleading Scandal

ABC News:  Daughter's Death Challenges Gospel Star

Chicago Tribune:  Columnist Takes Heat for Erin Andrews Column

Wall Street Journal:  Time-Share Dog: Two Families, Much Love

Philadelphia Inquirer:  Mom of 4-Year-Old: "I Saw My Son Shot'

Boston Globe:  Many Middle Schools in Bay State Stumbling

FOX News:  Southern Calif. Hotspot Baffles Experts

Los Angeles Times:  Perchlorate Found in Martian Soil

USAToday:  Favre to Packers: Plese Let Go

Denver Post:  NFL Suspends Marshall for 3 Games

US News & World Report:  Prostate Tests: What Men Should Do

Time Magazine:  The Tire-Gauge Solution

And on Townhall.com:

        Michelle Malkin:  What America's Daughters Need to Know About Pelosi
        John Stossel:  The Sky Isn't Falling
        Thomas Sowell:  The Gratingest Generation
        Walter Williams:  A Nation of Thieves
        Tony Blankley:  He Is Who He Is

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