What's Hot Friday

Posted: Jun 27, 2008 9:18 AM

What are the most popular stories around the web this morning?  Townhall does the surfing so you don't have to.

Boston Globe:  Grim Proving Ground For Obama's Housing Policy

ABC News:  Swift Boat Vets Call Billionaire's Bluff

FOX News:  Missing 12-Year-Old Vermont Girl Lied, Met Online Friend

Time Magazine:  The Incredible, Edible Front Lawn

Wall Street Journal:  What Dating Rules for Your Kids Say About Yo

Newsweek:  More Deaths, Beatings in Zimbabwe

New York Times:  Fit, Not Frail: Exercise As A Tonic For Aging

Philadelphia Inquirer:  Teacher Found Guilty of Making Threats

US News & World Report:  6 Cars Built for $4 Gas

Politico: John McCain Doesn't Work Weekends

New York Post:  News Babe's 'Iraqi Tryst'

CNN:  Pillow Talk Lands Chinese Officials in Jail

Washington Times:  A Father's Legacy

Chicago Tribune:  Former Chicago TV Anchor Dies

Los Angeles Times:  Lakers Pick Kentucky's Joe Crawford

Houston Chronicle:  Rockets Trade First Pick

Denver Post:  Lawyer Doubts Tale of Bronco

And on Townhall.com this morning:
         Ann Coulter:  You Can't Fuel All of the People
         John Hawkins:  Why Liberals Lie
         Charles Krauthammer:  Obama's Long March
         George Will:  Shining A Supreme Light on the Candidates
         Burt Prelutsky:  Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb