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Bernie Sanders: Greed Is The Religion Of Billionaires

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

On Monday, the day before the second installment of the Democratic presidential primary debates in Detroit begin, Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders issued a warning to the American people -- billionaires are greedy and it is up to the American to take their money. 


"Greed is the religion of the billionaire class," he tweeted. "And a nation based on greed will not survive morally, economically or politically." 

"That is why we fight to take power back from the billionaires and put it in the hands of the people, where it belongs," he added. 

If Sanders were slightly poorer, as he was just a few short years ago, he probably would have included the "millionaire" class in that tweet.

As Townhall previously reported, Sanders was enraged by the establishment Democratic organization ThinkProgress after the group "released a video slamming the democratic socialist for dropping criticism of millionaire from his rhetoric as soon as he started earning income in that price range." 

In addition to Sanders' changing attitudes towards "millionahs and billionahs," his statement regarding "religion" is ripe with hypocrisy. 

The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro accurately rebutted Sanders' tweet saying, "Greed is literally your religion. You want to steal other people's money and distribute it as you see fit."

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