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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Well, after wasting taxpayer money and Hope Hicks' time on Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee has released the full transcript of Trump's former communications director's testimony. It largely revealed absolutely nothing new, but it also confirmed what we all already knew -- New York Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler is an absolute jerk. 

In Michael Wolff's now discredited book, 'Fire and Fury,' the author claims that Hicks, one of President Trump's closest allies and a key player in the 2016 campaign, had an on-and-off relationship with Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski who happens to be married. 

The supposed affair was never confirmed, but that did not stop Rep. Nadler, while using your tax dollars, to "mistakenly" refer to Ms. Hicks several times as 'Ms. Lewandowski' during the closed-door hearing. Nadler, by the way, is the chairman of this committee and is supposed to be a leader for his colleagues.

On page 12 of the transcript released, Rep. Nadler first called Ms. Hicks the wrong name. 

Chairman Nadler. No, sir. Are you asserting any privileges in declining to answer the question? 

Mr. Purpura. We are not, Mr. Chairman. 

Chairman Nadler. Ms. Lewandowski? 

Ms. Hicks. As a former senior adviser to the President, I'm 12 following the instructions from the White House.

Then, on page 20, Rep. Nadler did it again. 

Chairman Nadler. Ms. Lewandowski -- sorry -- Ms. Hicks, read the next two sentences also if you have it.

Ms. Hicks. Sure. The President directed that Sessions should give a speech publicly announcing -- the dictated message went on to state.

Finally Hicks, who was supposed to be there to answer questions relating to the Russian investigation, defended herself and corrected Rep. Nadler. On page 25, this interaction happened: 

Chairman Nadler. Yeah. Ms. Lewandowski, I think, in reading this --

Ms. Hicks. My name is Ms. Hicks.

Chairman Nadler. I'm sorry, Ms. Hicks. I'm preoccupied.

So there are three things going on here. The first is that Nadler genuinely thought her last name was Lewandowski, in which case he should not be asking questions if he does not even know who he is speaking with. The second is that he was not paying attention and needs assistance focusing. Or the third, and the most likely reason, is that he was simply trying to throw a few jabs to knock Hicks off her game by hinting at her alleged affair. If I were a betting man, I'd take the third option in this scenario which makes Rep. Nadler a total jackwagon.

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