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President Trump Announces He Actually Wants Special Olympics Funding Despite Budget Cuts Request

AP Photo/AlexBrandon

In wake of harsh criticism from across the political spectrum, President Trump told the media earlier today that his administration will actually request that Congress continues funding the Special Olympics, despite Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' recommendation that millions of taxpayer money be cut from the non-profit's budget. 


"The Special Olympics will be funded. I just told my people I want to fund the Special Olympics," President Trump told reporters before traveling to a rally that will be held later tonight.  "I have overridden my people. We're funding the Special Olympics." 

Today on Capitol Hill, Sec. DeVos told Congress that she was not directly involved in deciding the budget cut recommendation, but insisted that she supported the suggestion because the Special Olympics receives so much private support. 

As noted by CNN, DeVos got into a heated exchange with Illinois Senator Dick Durbin regarding the funding.

via CNN:

"I love Special Olympics myself, I have given a portion of my salary to Special Olympics. I hope all of this debate encourages lots of private contributions to Special Olympics," DeVos said Thursday.

She continued, "Let's not use disabled children in a twisted way for your political narrative. That is just disgusting and it's shameful, and I think we should move on from that."

Durbin fired back: "Well Madam Secretary, let me tell you, eliminating $18 million from a $70 or $80 billion budget, I think is shameful, too. I am not twisting it."


Sec. DeVos also noted that she personally had given a portion of her salary towards Special Olympics. Following President Trump's announcement, he wanted funding, Sec. DeVos announced she saw eye-to-eye with the commander-in-chief and supported funding.

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