Florida Sheriff: Number of Gun Owning Residents is Something for Robbers to 'Keep in Mind'

Posted: Feb 03, 2018 6:30 PM

A Florida Sheriff has warned would-be robbers in Vero Beach that there is a decent chance that they will be breaking into somebody’s home who happens to have a gun, after one burglar suspect was shot in the head and thigh by a law-abiding citizen. Indian River County Florida Sheriff Deryl Loar said that he hoped the incident would serve as a warning to future criminals.

Indian River County Florida Sheriff Deryl Loar announced Friday afternoon that a 25-year old man who shot an intruder in his home will not be charged, reports ABC 25 West Palm Beach Florida. Sheriff Loar noted the high number of Indian River County residents who legally own firearms in his county and warned potential criminals to remember that statistic the next time they want to rob a house. “Just shy of ten percent are lawfully possessing firearms,” Sheriff Loar told the media. “That’s something (robbers should) keep in mind.”

As for the incident itself, authorities say that 25-year old Taylor Reese heard a man breaking down his door on Thursday night. Reese then grabbed his gun and was suddenly face to face with two men robbing his home. One of those men fired several shots at Reese, but missed. Reese then returned fire and hit one of the suspects twice, once in the head and once in the thigh. 

After investigating, police determined that Reese was well within his rights of self-defense to shoot at the suspects. One of the suspects is actually a juvenile who ran from the scene Thursday night, but turned himself in on Friday. The man who was shot is still recovering in the hospital, but injuries do not appear fatal.