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A new week began for an embattled White House on Monday, but Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre didn't have anything new to say in her failing attempts to brush off questions about President Joe Biden's mishandling of classified documents that just keep getting discovered. 


In a Groundhog Day-like opener, Karine Jean-Pierre insisted for the umpteenth time that President Biden takes classified documents "very seriously" following the DOJ's search of Biden's Wilmington house after multiple sets of sensitive documents were found there.

So seriously, you see, that he was supposedly "surprised" that classified documents were discovered in his office where Hunter Biden and CCP-affiliated people had access, in his garage next to his Corvette, and multiple other places in his Wilmington house. And remember, Karine Jean-Pierre said on January 12 that the search for classified documents improperly kept in Biden's possession was "complete." A claim followed by two more sets of documents being found and a DOJ search. A "very seriously" inept White House, maybe. 

With so many tired excuses being trotted out again, it's more notable at this point what Karine Jean-Pierre did *not* say in Monday's briefing.

For example, when reporters asked on Monday whether there might be more searches by federal authorities, Karine Jean-Pierre didn't give an answer either way — perhaps she's learned not to make definitive statements from the briefing room podium since she clearly doesn't have a clue what's actually going on?


Jean-Pierre's feet were also held to the fire for Biden's defiant declaration last week that he has "no regrets" about mishandling classified documents or keeping their existence hidden from the American people for months, but Biden's spokeswoman refused to...speak on Biden's behalf. Perhaps even the president's own press secretary has difficulty making sense of his utterances?

The president's press secretary, notably, refused to deny that President Biden is involved in a cover-up of his mishandling of classified documents, which seems like it should be a pretty easy question to answer if Biden has not, in fact, engaged in a cover-up of his misdeeds regarding sensitive materials.  


Karine Jean-Pierre could not even provide a single solitary example — prior to "garage-gate" — that demonstrated Biden takes classified documents "very seriously" as he claims. Another telling refusal to answer.

More non-answers came when Jean-Pierre was asked who was footing the bill for Biden's private attorney, someone who, along with associates, had been leading the "search" for classified documents in Biden's possession before Friday's DOJ search.

Continuing, in a refusal that betrayed the White House's attitude on what Karine Jean-Pierre tries to minimize as a "legal matter," she wouldn't say that Americans deserve to know such details about the rapidly expanding scandal.

So, Monday brought no new assurances from the White House that there wouldn't be more DOJ searches or classified documents found in Biden's possession during the week ahead, but Jean-Pierre's silence on key questions about whether Biden is engaged in a cover-up, has ever actually treated classified documents seriously, or if Americans deserve to know more about Biden's apparent misdeeds were more damning than anything she actually said. 


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