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Here's What Went Wrong When HuffPo Tried to Prove J.K. Rowling Is a Transphobe

AP Photo/Christophe Ena, file

It's hardly news, at this point, that the radical left is at war with famed author J.K. Rowling. They've tried to cancel her numerous times for what they allege to be transphobic beliefs she supposedly espouses. 


But all Rowling has done amounts to raising concerns about the wellbeing and safety of women in situations where they are forced to share spaces and facilities with biological males while expressing worry that medical operations and hormones used to physically alter a young person's genitals may not be in their best interest and could cause lifelong issues with function and/or fertility. 

Rowling's are legitimate concerns that deserve debate, but such questions and concerns have been deemed wrong-speak and wrong-think by the intolerant left who now try to silence her for good. Still, her detractors haven't brought her down because she has, unlike many other public figures faced with similar harassment and scrutiny, refused to compromise on her beliefs in order to bend her knee to the woke mob.

Due to her resistance to the woke warriors, she's remained a target for the radical left and their allies in the mainstream media who think maybe another cancelation campaign will bring her down. But one recent attempt to supposedly prove Rowling's transphobia didn't go how the Huffington Post thought it would. 

Thanks to a Twitter thread by an honest HuffPo writer, we also have a better look into how such hit pieces come to be and what happens — sometimes — when facts don't match the left's desired reality.


In the process of trying to prove what some of the left argue is clear transphobia spread by Rowling, Rosetta discovered that pushing trans rights is, at times, antithetical to protecting and increasing rights for biological women, as she noted of domestic violence shelters. 

The result of actually understanding Rowling's position and her arguments, Rosetta sets an important example for why tribal resistance to anyone who doesn't agree unilaterally with a given position shouldn't be written off, attacked, and sent into exile via cancelation. In fact, Rosetta found reasons to praise Rowling for not just sitting back and watching biological women's concerns get trampled by trans women.

Rosetta confirmed that her three months of research into Rowling's statements and writings revealed not one "single truly transphobic" quote, and noted that those who've targeted the author have abused her "beyond forgiveness." 


Rightly, Rosetta noted that shame in the matter does not belong with Rowling, but with those who push false claims of transphobia for the sake of stirring the pot in order to manipulatively drive more hate against Rowling. "You're burning the wrong witch," Rosetta concluded.

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