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Will She Concede This Time? Stacey Abrams Loses Georgia Governor's Race Again

Townhall Media

For the second time in as many cycles, Democrat Stacey Abrams is a loser — which means Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp has won reelection.

By the time Decision Desk HQ called the race, Kemp had more than 51 percent — passing the 50 percent threshold needed to avoid a runoff election in December — to Abrams' 48 percent, with some 60 percent reporting.


Despite Abrams’ attempts to smear Kemp and Peach State Republicans’ election integrity bill as racist and suppressive, Georgia voters turned out in greater numbers in both the 2022 primaries and general election than they did in 2018 the first time Kemp and Abrams faced off. 

When Abrams lost the race in 2018 to Kemp, she refused to concede and became a notorious election denier, telling cable news hosts, Democrat audiences, and basically anyone who would listen that the governorship was stolen from her, the election was rigged, and she didn’t lose. 

But Abrams' election denial did not earn her the same scorn doled out to conservatives or Republicans who dare to question electoral outcomes. Instead, she was featured in puff pieces by mainstream outlets and became a frequent guest on liberal TV shows.

Abrams was also one of the early 2022 Democrat candidates to avoid appearing with President Biden this cycle. When he visited Georgia to talk about voting rights — Abrams’ signature issue — she blamed scheduling issues for her inability to appear with the unpopular president. 


At the time of publication, Abrams had not yet conceded her 2022 campaign for governor, raising questions about whether she’s about to continue her election denial about a second loss to Brian Kemp. 

But, as a Democrat, she's sure to fail up from her defeat on Tuesday night and land a cushy gig with a cable news channel, as a professor at some liberal university, or gain power within the Democrat party ahead of 2024. Maybe she'll even convince herself she'd make a good candidate for president.   

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