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Libs Are Freaking Out Over Musk’s Twitter Takeover. Here Are Some of the Most Hilarious Tweets.

AP Photo/Gregory Bull

After Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter became official on Thursday evening, the libs that had previously enjoyed a veneer of moral superiority by screeching about conservatives until they got suspended or banned by the company's censors were in utter disarray. 


The intolerants were especially livid over Musk's tweet declaring that Twitter was now under his control and free, reacting to the news much like the Wicked Witch of the West responded to being doused with a bucket of water. 

It was an ensemble cast of characters from lib Twitter's greatest hits, including Hillary Clinton alum and attempted election meddler Marc Elias, serial victim and WaPo writer Taylor Lorenz, and many more. 

Meanwhile, mainstream media outlets all sang the same tune, as former Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter noted, accidentally showing how lib Twitter had become a playground for blue-check liberal newsroom journalists to mock everyday Americans and share one hive-like mind.


Meanwhile, as our friends over at Twitchy noted, some of these terrified Twitter libs joined a live Twitter Space to lament the end of their intolerant reign on the platform:

And then there was another familiar face from lib Twitter beclowning himself as usual. Rick Wilson assumed fortune teller status in saying "as I warned, Trump is likely to be back," and then claimed "Elon will want to juice the stock price, and rest-assured, Wall Street will take the bait."

What Wilson apparently still doesn't understand — despite Musk's Twitter deal being in the news for more than six months — is that Musk bought Twitter and, as a now-private company, no longer has stock to be juiced, nor is it a part of Wall Street. As NBC News reported, "[t]he transaction to make Twitter a private company was completed late Thursday, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission document. By Friday morning, Twitter's stock had already stopped trading on the New York Stock Exchange, where it had been listed since 2013." 


But neither reality nor facts could stem the chaotic fear of the liberals who thought they had made Twitter a safe space for themselves by getting rid of or sidelining dissenting voices and ideas. So they continued to spin conspiracy theories and pretend that they're now the victims just because other viewpoints won't be punished.

And apparently, humanity itself is now in peril because a tech billionaire bought a tech company.


But at least some of these apparently/supposedly serious libs apparently remain committed to holding their ground on Twitter "like a Ukrainian."

What a time to be alive. 

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