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Democrats Make Fools of Themselves Trying to Spin Fetterman's Disastrous Debate

Following Tuesday night's U.S. Senate debate in Pennsylvania between Democrat Lt. Governor John Fetterman and GOP nominee Mehmet Oz, Democrats were desperately trying to spin what was an absolute disaster of a debate performance by Fetterman. 


But due to Fetterman's implosion on live television up against Oz, their spin seeking to make Fetterman's performance akin to the Lincoln-Douglas debates was some of the most absurd, emperors-new-clothes nonsense that's been seen in this midterm election cycle. 

First up in the coping and seething department is Bob Casey, the Democrat U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania who will be joined by Oz or Fetterman in the Keystone State's delegation after November. Seemingly not having watched a single second of the debate, the senior senator from PA said that Fetterman did "well" and his "message came through very clearly" while his "answers were very direct."

Perhaps Casey's fitness to serve in the U.S. Senate should also be evaluated?

On Twitter, the desperation was no less severe with libs claiming that Oz is relying on "ableism" when in fact Oz generally avoided bringing up the questioned fitness of Fetterman and instead landed substantive hits on Democrat policies and Fetterman's radical record. 

Others made the point that Fetterman's issues weren't worthy of criticism because "time catches up with everyone." That may be true, but not everyone is seeking a six-year term in the world's greatest deliberative body.


Apparently, for Democrats terrified that they're going to lose the Senate seat in Pennsylvania, it's worth beclowning themselves in the hope that people who didn't see Fetterman's debate failures will take their word for it that he did well.

Meanwhile, reliably bad take-giver Ana Navarro decided the main debate takeaway was Fetterman's "courage, humility and honesty" — despite the fact that Fetterman claimed to have always supported fracking despite being faced with a quote of his own opposing fracking in PA. 

Some attempted to divert from Fetterman's inability to respond to questions or explain his position on the issues by claiming Oz is a "quack," which was certainly not the takeaway for people who actually watched the debate.  


Meanwhile, over in the Fetterman campaign's spin room after the debate, their frustration was evident in their use of, ahem, colorful language to claim that Fetterman "took it to Dr. Oz pretty f**king hard tonight."

That profane sentiment was continued by Fetterman's communications director on Twitter whose desperation was palpable. 

In a separate statement, Fetterman's communications director claimed the campaign was "thrilled with John's performance" and claimed their candidate "did remarkably well tonight" while he "won countless exchanges, counter-punched aggressively, and pushed back on Oz's cruelty and attacks." 

It's unclear which debate the Fetterman campaign was watching, but it couldn't have been the one the rest of us — and Pennsylvania voters — saw Tuesday night. 

Fetterman's campaign acknowledged that "John may not have pronounced every word correctly," and sought to push blame onto the captioning system they demanded, saying he was "working off of delayed captions filled with errors." But, as Townhall outlined here, there were few answers in which Fetterman didn't botch a word or statement — making issues with a caption system that Fetterman required and rehearsed with a feeble excuse.


Not all Democrats or mainstream journalists fully committed to the laughable, literally unbelievable "Fetterman won" narrative, however. There were a select few who were willing to admit that Fetterman botched his first and (probably thankfully) only debate against Oz.

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