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Rubio Campaign Canvasser Brutally Attacked in Florida

Marco Rubio for Senate

A canvasser for Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida was "brutally attacked" on Sunday night in Hialeah, the senator announced on Twitter Monday morning. 


According to Rubio, the canvasser was wearing a Rubio for Senate t-shirt and a Ron DeSantis hat when he was assaulted by four "animals" who said Republicans weren't allowed in their neighborhood.

Images of the canvasser show some of the extent of his injuries, which Rubio said included internal bleeding and a broken jaw that will require reconstructive surgery. 

So far, the identity of the canvasser remains unknown and there is not any information yet on whether the attackers have been identified or taken into custody. 

After Rubio tweeted news of the attack on his canvasser, many current and former GOP lawmakers — all of whom have relied on canvassers to be their face and voice at the doors of voters during campaign season — shared their disgust that such an assault happened. 

Others, meanwhile, pointed to the fact that this story was almost entirely ignored by the mainstream media because it doesn't serve their narrative:


In the wake of the attack, Christian Slater — the communications director for Rubio's opponent Rep. Val Demings — told Townhall that "Chief Demings strongly condemns all acts of violence and the attackers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Campaign volunteers deserve to feel safe in every neighborhood, and we're praying for a speedy recovery for the canvasser who was attacked last night," Slater added. 

Charlie Crist also tweeted on Monday that "There's no place for violence in politics" while saying Rubio's "canvasser is in our prayers and we look forward to those responsible being brought to justice."

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