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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Americans surveyed in a new Quinnipiac poll were asked to look beyond the 2022 midterm general election now less than 10 weeks away and consider the 2024 presidential election — specifically who they want, or don't want, to see at the top of the ballot. 


When it comes to Donald Trump, 62 percent of respondents said they didn't want to see him run — down from 64 percent who held that view in July's Quinnipiac survey — compared to 33 percent of Americans who said they wanted Trump to run for president again in the next cycle. 

But on the other side of the aisle, President Biden is polling even worse as his job approval remains underwater at a negative 40 - 52 percent rating. When asked if the current incumbent should run again, 67 percent of Americans said "no" and just 26 percent said he should run for a second term. 

When it comes to the party bases for each prospective candidate, far more Republicans want Trump to run in 2024 than Democrats want Biden to run again. Nearly three-quarters of Republicans — 72 percent — want Trump to run at the next opportunity while less than half — 47 percent — of Democrats want to have Biden leading their party's ticket in 2024. 

Within their own parties, just 25 percent of Republicans say Trump shouldn't run again while 43 percent of Democrats want Biden to take a bow and step aside for the next term. 

The Quinnipiac poll also found that, back in midterm-land, Democrats hold a slight edge when it comes to which party Americans want to control the U.S. House and Senate. 


In the lower chamber, 47 percent said Democrats should have the majority while 43 percent prefer GOP-control in the House. For the more contentious battle over control of the Senate, 47 percent said Democrats should retain control while 45 percent want Republicans to retake the reins of power. 

Whatever the outcome, Quinnipiac found that Americans are motivated and enthusiastic to vote this November in what will prove to be a consequential election both for the future of the country and the success of Biden's presidency. Nearly half of American voters — 49 percent — say they're more motivated to vote this year than in previous midterm elections.  

The most important issue for voters, as polled by Quinnipiac, remains "inflation" — something the Biden administration has failed to address and only made worse throughout the president's less than two years in office. 

Quinnipiac's poll was conducted at the end of August among more than 1,400 registered voters. 


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