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AP Photo/Richard Vogel

"I'm healing," Kim Glass — the olympian brutally attacked in broad daylight in downtown Los Angeles — told Fox News on Friday morning. Since the attack, it's been revealed that the homeless man who repeatedly struck her face with a metal bolt was no a stranger to law enforcement.


Glass previously explained more about her attacker and his repeated assaults on women in Los Angeles — and how he kept getting released under woke lenient prosecutorial guidelines — in an interview with Inside Edition:

During her interview Friday on Fox News, Glass said "I don't know why this happened to me, and there's nothing I could have done to prevent it. I think sometimes we get... we feel like kind of immune when we're walking in the daytime right?" she added. "I think about what I could have done, for me, I feel like I'm always alert and there's nothing I could have done to prevent this... I could have never predicted this happening."

Far from embracing a victim mentality, Glass said that she feels this happened to her so she could be an advocate for those who've also fallen victim of repeat offenders who get released time and time again and to stand up for others who may feel their trauma went unnoticed and not yet vindicated.

"God, you chose me for a reason, you know, and the reason is... I'm hard-headed so you knew I was going to make it. And you know that I still have work to do here," Glass said with a smile on her face even though her wounds have not yet fully healed. 


"There's been other victims around Los Angeles, and it keeps on happening," Glass noted. "Everyone's paying attention to me because I'm an olympian... but these other victims haven't been vindicated. Every time someone's being let out on the street again and again they're doing disservice and they're pretty much saying that these victims' traumas were in vain," she said of the woke prosecutors who keep returning violent criminals to the street. "I'm hoping that this doesn't happen to anyone else again."

Glass also explained her belief in the importance of freedom, but she recognizes that it's a privilege that comes with responsibility. "When I look at it, I think that we all deserve the opportunities of freedom, but not if you're a terror to society," she said. "History has repeated itself with this," Glass said of her attacker. "He was let out on probation, and he attacked someone else and that was a misdemeanor, but before that he had already [committed] assault and battery [against] two other people — and they were all women," she explained. "What does it take? We just keep dropping the ball."

Looking at the problem through the lens of a world-class athlete, Glass explained the issue with allowing people who commit crimes back on the street over and over — as well as the problem with those making such lenient decisions. "I was a professional athlete, I was a part of teams all my life, and if I keep doing something wrong the entire time I have to change something — because it's not working for the team," she explained. "And if I'm not changing something, then I get taken out and someone else replaces me. At this point, what's the answer? Because something, everything we're doing right now isn't working," Glass said.


Watch her full interview below:

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