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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

After the Biden administration colluded with teachers unions to keep schools closed, the White House is apparently waking up to the damage their policies did to the rising generation and, as usual, their solution is even more government intervention.


Specifically, according to an announcement made by Biden's Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, the Biden administration wants 250,000 new tutors in order to carry out an "academic recovery" that is, again, needed due to the Biden administration's COVID policies.

Sounding like firefighters responding to a house they set ablaze, the Department of Education explained that "the Biden-Harris Administration announced a series of actions to support students' academic recovery and to ensure recovery efforts are meeting student, parent, and family needs." That is, the Department of Education is pretending to help after they caused the harm in the first place. 

Where was the focus on making sure student, parent, and family needs were met when the Biden administration — admittedly — let Randi Weingarten and her American Federation of Teachers set the CDC's COVID policy for schools? 


Where was the concern for families where both parents work but students were stuck at home alone? For students who were falling behind and losing month after month of needed in-person instruction and help? Young students missing out on important development and socialization that's impossible when learning through a screen?

Education Secretary Cardona claimed the new initiative "will mean more students have a trusted adult in their corner, and more adults are prepared to address students’ academic, emotional, social, and mental health needs." Again, this is apparently a new focus for the Biden administration who kept schools closed, kids learning through screens, and parents scrambling to keep their children from falling hopelessly behind. 

As the Education Department's announcement explains — acknowledging the setbacks suffered by America's students without accepting any responsibility — the agency will be "recruiting 250,000 new tutors and mentors" in order "to make up for lost instructional time."

In a companion announcement posted by the White House on Wednesday, there's additional acknowledgment that "America’s students are on average two to four months behind in reading and math because of the COVID-19 pandemic," but the White House release also fails to mention why students fell behind — school closures spurred by CDC guidelines that were created by teachers unions. Despite their failure to help get students back in schools, the Biden administration is pushing for $122 billion in taxpayer funds from the American Rescue Plan to go toward fixing the damage caused, at least in part, or worsened by the Biden administration's policies.


The Biden administration also calls for summer learning and after-school programs in addition to the 250,000 tutors — all to make up for lost learning time that was made worse by the Biden administration. They're playing catchup and admitting a problem exists, but won't admit that they did the opposite of helping fix the problem.

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