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Here's What Convinced Joy Behar That Joe Biden Is Mentally Stable

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Not known for being necessarily adept at political analysis nor armchair psychology, the ladies of The View bantered about Saturday night's White House Correspondents' Dinner on Monday's show and gave Joy Behar an opening to reaffirm that President Joe Biden is doing just fine in the cognitive ability department. 


Brushing aside the fact that DC's elite were in stitches about the hardship facing Americans thanks to Biden's policies, Behar explained that because Joe Biden laughed when comedy act Trevor Noah made fun of him, he's very stable. Or something.

"I also was impressed with Joe Biden, his response to the material," Behar said of Biden's appearance at the "Nerd Prom" an appearance that was shortened to not include dinner over the Biden team’s concern for COVID. 

"It was funny stuff," Behar said of Trevor Noah's bit. "But when they were trashing him, or roasting him rather, he was laughing his head off which shows you that he's mentally stable," Behar concluded. She then tried to contrast Biden's ability to laugh with the situation "years ago" when "Obama took a shot, a joke at Trump" and he didn’t laugh, Behar said before an image of Donald Trump sitting in the audience at the 2011 dinner flashed on screen.

So... if a person laughs in a room full of also-laughing people, that means he's Mensa material? Apparently that's the very low bar for the Joy Behar Cognitive Ability Test (patent not pending). 


In case you missed it, here's how Biden reacted to Noah's jokes about the unfunny topic of Americans' economic struggles under Biden's "leadership."

Whether Behar's evaluation was sincere — in which case she might need a cognitive examination for herself — or an attempt to provide cover for Biden's decision to laugh as Trevor Noah highlighted the pain being faced by Americans amid 40-year high inflation ushered in by Biden's policies, it's just more of the same leftist echo chamber that The View typically represents. 

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