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Rep. Maxine Waters Tells Homeless to 'Go Home'

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

A chaotic scene unfolded in South Los Angeles last week when Rep. Maxine Waters showed up to an event aimed at providing emergency resources to homeless Angelenos in her district, an event where those who turned out were expecting something much different than what played out. 


According to The Los Angeles Times, while Waters requested that the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority show up in the community to provide assistance to her homeless constituents, "an unofficial social media post erroneously promised that those who showed up would get rare vouchers for permanent, subsidized housing." 

As a result of the mixed messages, "Homeless people lined up on a corner" and "heated arguments broke out among the hundreds of people who turned out for assistance." Despite their efforts, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority workers "were unable to meet more than a small fraction of the need and left while throngs of people were still waiting for help."

In the midst of all that, Maxine Waters sought to gain control of the situation and demanded that a crowd of mostly homeless people needed to "go home." You can't make it up, but here's video obtained by The L.A. Times to prove it anyway:


The L.A. Times reported that some in the crowd responded by pointing out "we don’t got no home, that’s why we’re here. What home we gonna go to?"

After telling homeless people to go home, Waters apparently took offense at a question and snapped back saying "there’s nobody in Washington who works for their people any f***ing harder than I do." How nice.

What's worse, when The L.A. Times reached out to Waters to ask her about the chaotic scene, she tried to kill the story and warned the author that "you’ll hurt yourself" if he proceeded to publish the account. "I don’t want you to start trying to write it, you won’t understand it," she claimed. 

As my colleague Guy Benson pointed out on Fox News of the incident, Maxine Waters "is someone who famously advocated people being hounded and menaced if they worked in the Trump administration when they're out in public," so it's not too surprising for her "to lack empathy on other things as well."


Despite Rep. Waters' attempts to kill the story, it seems she still has friends elsewhere in the media. As one of my colleagues at our sister site RedState noted, here's how the local ABC affiliate reported the event at which Maxine Waters dropped an f-bomb and told homeless people to go home:

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