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Greg Nash/Pool via AP

In a series of interviews on Thursday, Dr. Anthony Fauci reemerged from wherever he's been laying low to again threaten that Americans must be "flexible" and ready to return to mask mandates as the so-called "Stealth Omicron" sub-variant of COVID spreads. 


"We have to be careful," says the man who has been anything but when it comes to federal government edicts levied on Americans in the name of controlling COVID in an interview with the San Diego ABC affiliate. "If we do see a surge as a result of that, that we're flexible enough to reinstitute the kind of interventions that could be necessary to stop an additional surge." 

Fauci also declared that the pandemic's toll on Americans has been "devastating," which could be true if he meant the totality of the Democrat lockdowns that forced mom and pop shops out of business, stay at home orders that contributed to a mental health and drug use crisis, and school closures that studies have only just started to suggest caused the rising generation's development to suffer.

The recently attention-starved face of America's pandemic response issued similar veiled threats on PBS News Hour, telling Americans to prepare "to pivot back" to "a little bit more of the masking."


Just "a little bit more," eh? Like the little bit more freedom the Biden administration said Americans would have after getting vaccinated that quickly turned into a return to masking for all? At least he admitted that we'll be going back(wards) if masking requirements are reimplemented again.

Fauci also returned to CNN to make a similar case about the need for Americans to be "flexible" despite the unbending force with which Democrats have enforced their one-size-fits-all "solutions" to the pandemic:

The worst part of Fauci being back on the air? Blue states and liberal cities would be happy to roll the clock back and slap mandatory masking guidance back on their citizens if Fauci told them to do so. We've already seen unhinged libs do whiplash-inducing reversals and tell people to "ignore the guidance" after mask mandates were lifted in jurisdictions across the country. Fauci's latest comments are a lifeline to their COVID-frenzied existence. 


As Vespa covered this week, Fauci has been MIA for quite some time now, something of a casualty of the Biden administration and other Democrats seeking to put COVID behind them after Democrat pollsters warned them dragging out the pandemic could further sink their party's chances in the midterms. 

Apparently, in spite of Democrat attempts to declare victory over COVID and put the pandemic in the rear-view mirror — even though Republican governors already did so months ago — Fauci isn't ready to fade back into obscurity yet. He still has warnings left to give and threats of a return to mask mandates to issue — and the COVID-obsessed are more than ready to indulge him.

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