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Shameless Andrew Cuomo Launches TV Ads to Rewrite History of Scandals

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

In a shameless but unsurprising turn of events, disgraced ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is already trying to claw his way back into polite society by alleging that his downfall — brought about by a deadly order sending COVID patients into nursing homes and a laundry list of sexual harassment allegations — was nothing more than a series of politically motivated hit-jobs. A campaign-style ad — his first lurch back into the limelight — is as unbelievable as it is pathetic.


Featuring headlines from liberal outlets displayed over audio of TV hosts such as Rachel Maddow and Dan Abrams, the former governor whose career went down in flames is now claiming "Political attacks won. And New Yorkers lost a proven leader." Even The New York Times characterized the attempt at a comeback "a TV ad to brazenly recast himself as the victim."

Notably absent from Cuomo's ad featuring media propping up his failed career? CNN, where he spent hours during the pandemic yukking it up with his also-disgraced brother Chris Cuomo who later served as an off-the-books advisor once allegations began to fly and the end of Andrew Cuomo's reign over New York drew to an end. 

The ad disclosure in Cuomo's ad states that the video was paid for by "Friends of Andrew Cuomo," a group of people that's surely dwindled in number over the last few months. 

Here's the Cuomo's slimy sizzle reel that really has to be seen to be believed:

Also missing from Cuomo's little TV spot: any mention of the other allegations that sunk his future. It wasn't just the sexual harassment allegations that drew the ire of New Yorkers and others who think public servants should... serve the public rather than themselves. It was the families and friends of those who died as a result of Cuomo's order sending COVID-positive patients into nursing homes. The taxpayers of New York who ended up funding Cuomo's book that was worked on by official staff. Everyday New Yorkers who don't want their governor to spend more time trying to cover up his wrongs than taking care of their state. 


Despite all that, Cuomo is still trying to play the victim, deny responsibility, and rewrite history so that the sum of his wrongs only amounted to a political hit job, or something. Like only she can, anti-corruption warrior and all-around hero Janice Dean laid Cuomo's misdeeds bare:

It's not a short list of wrongs, and even the items Dean highlighted barely scrape the surface of how power-crazed then-Governor Cuomo was while in office (and apparently still is). He acted with impunity, passed blame around like a COVID-positive patient in a nursing home, pretended he was above reproach, and tried to bury those who sought to hold him accountable until his house of cards finally came crashing down.

Many of those alleged crimes and misdeeds, as Dean pointed out to an ill-informed critic, are still under active investigation because, well, there's a lot to dig into and probably even more to uncover.


The cherry on top of Cuomo's disgraceful attempt is the giant "DONATE" button at the top of the page on his site where the video was originally embedded that directs viewers to a page that says "Contribute to our campaign" and claims "Andrew Cuomo delivers on the promise of progressive government for all New Yorkers" before asking "Will you join the fight?"

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