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AP Photo/Gregory Bull

Proving again the danger posed to Americans by an unsecured border, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced on Thursday that its agents had recently arrested two convicted sex offenders after they illegally crossed the border in the CBP's Del Rio Sector. And it wasn't their first time illegally crossing into the United States. 


One of the men arrested was from Honduras and, according to CBP, he wasn't a stranger to U.S. law enforcement. In 2018, he was "convicted of sexual assault of a child and sentenced to four years confinement" before being "most recently removed" from the United States in 2020. But he came back and tried to sneak in again.

The other man arrested in the Del Rio Sector was a Mexican national who was previously convicted for "lewd or lascivious acts with a minor child under 14 in 1999," according to CBP. He was sentenced to six years confinement and "most recently removed" from the U.S. in 2019. But he didn't stay away for long.

Remember when Donald Trump was eviscerated for pointing out the people illegally crossing into the United States were not "the best." He was right. Who knows what these individuals would have done if they had not been apprehended and instead merely counted among the "gotaways." 


Even worse, thanks to Biden's open border policies, there's no way to know how many of those who evade arrest after illegally crossing into the United States have similar or worse rap sheets.

It's no secret that President Biden's border crisis is out of control. But he and his top officials claim that the border is closed — it's clearly not — and refuse to call the situation along the U.S.-Mexico border a crisis — but clearly it is. 

Nowhere has the crisis been more apparent than along the border near Del Rio, Texas, where border patrol is regularly overwhelmed by illegal immigrants — some who turn themselves in and others who sneak in undetected and are considered "gotaways," the type of illegal immigrant that logic says is more likely to be engaged in crime beyond just illegally crossing the U.S. border.

Thanks to his administration's policies, Americans are being endangered across multiple fronts.

There's the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus and other diseases due to crowding in overwhelmed border facilities — or under bridges as happened in Del Rio — as record numbers of illegal immigrants turn themselves in to take advantage of Biden's lax border policies. There's fentanyl from around the world flowing across the southern border into U.S. cities where it's killing an increasing number of Americans. There's human smugglers taking advantage of the open border to enrich their criminal enterprises and traffic women and children. And of course for criminals, breaking the law of the United States by illegally crossing the border is of little concern. All the while, Border Czar Kamala Harris claims to be addressing the problem that the Biden-Harris administration won't even fully acknowledge.


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