'Looks Like a Battlefield': Barbed Wire Is California's New Solution to Looting

Posted: Nov 23, 2021 2:30 PM
'Looks Like a Battlefield': Barbed Wire Is California's New Solution to Looting

Following the 80-person smash and grab at a Nordstrom in the San Francisco Bay Area over the weekend, a similar hit was made on another Nordstrom located at The Grove in Los Angeles. As a result, Black Friday shoppers visiting the ritzy shopping center would be forgiven for thinking they were walking onto the set of a movie set in a war zone.

According to the local ABC affiliate "it looks more like a battlefield than a luxury SoCal mall" as "coiled security barriers" resembling razor wire were deployed "after another attempted heist."

Authorities said that "a group of at least 20 people" used a sledgehammer to smash a storefront window before raiding the men's clothing section, grabbing a cash register, and leading police on a chase into the Los Angeles night. Three suspects in the brazen robbery have since been apprehended while others are still on the lam.

As a result of the latest incident ahead of Black Friday, police "installed barbed wire Tuesday morning just outside The Grove where the robbery took place." The brightly colored barbed wire perimeter barricade is a stark contrast with The Grove's Christmas decorations and ritzy stores, but apparently this is what holiday season shopping in California in 2021 has come to. And it's ridiculous. 

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As Guy covered earlier, woke "experts" have now decided law enforcement and the media should refrain from using the term "looting," but it seems that if we've reached the level of barbed wire barriers being necessary to prevent mobs from making off with merchandise, maybe we should be worried less about what the crime is called and more worried about why things have gotten to "battlefield" status in Los Angeles. 

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