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'Lets Go Brandon' Tops iTunes Hip-Hop Chart, #2 Overall

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The refrain of "Let's go Brandon" has become a ubiquitous phrase in American politics, much to the chagrin of Biden-sympathetic commentators and others who take issue with criticism of the 46th president. 


It turns out, though, that euphemistic phrase is very popular with everyday Americans, including hip-hop fans. According to Apple's iTunes genre charts, the song "Lets Go Brandon" from Loza Alexander is currently #1 in its hip-hop/rap category. Also worth noting, another song titled the same by a different artist is currently charting at #4. 

Overall, Alexander's song is charting at #2, directly behind Adele's first single from her forthcoming album and beating out artists including Ed Sheerhan, Coldplay, BTS, Elton John, and Justin Bieber. 

The lyrics of "Lets Go Brandon" (in part) tell the story of how the phrase came to be a rallying cry for the anti-Biden crowd:

And I say it wit' passion

As I pull off in the Aston

Don't nobody like his a**, huh?

Tried to cover up, but tell the people, go Brandon

But we know what they sayin', though

You can hear the chant in every post

Don't nobody want this commie 'cause we not in China


In addition to his success on the iTunes charts, Alexander's video for the song has more than two million views on YouTube. Reacting to his song's widespread reach he celebrated his "first one million view video... This is the biggest record in the country right now, it’s the biggest record in the world. I’m just speechless. Me and my family had an amazing get-together last night and popped the champagne.”

The conservative influencer turned-viral sensation has previously released songs roasting Vice President Kamala Harris' abysmal criminal justice record and memorializing the thirteen American service members killed in an ISIS-K suicide bombing during Biden's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Watch Alexander's chart-topping song below (warning: language and crude gestures).


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