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'Stunted And Miserable Existence': Tucker Torches Warmonger Max Boot For Ukraine War Rhetoric

Gage Skidmore

Fox News host Tucker Carlson torched frequent CNN and MSNBC contributor Max Boot for his latest rhetoric on the war in Ukraine during a Wednesday night "Tucker Carlson Tonight" segment.


Boot, also a columnist for the Washington Post and a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, recently argued on MSNBC that the American public should think about the war in Ukraine as "our war" instead of "their war."

"All of us collectively can be and should be doing more because we need to understand this is our fight that the Ukrainians are on the front lines of," Boot said after calling for the U.S. government to supply more drones and rockets for Ukraine's resistance against Russia.

"'It’s our war!'" Carlson said, mocking Boot. "Hear that people ...? It's your war, not theirs! But the weird thing is, despite the fact it’s 'our war,' Max Boot is still in the 'Morning Joe' studio wearing soft shoes. So, despite this war’s world historic importance and our own personal ownership of it, Max Boot is not actually fighting 'his war.' Nor, even more strangely, is Max Boot sending his own salary to fund 'our war.' What he's doing is what he always does, which is promoting 'our war.' This is hardly the first war in Boot’s long and not at all varied career as a war promoter. He has demanded Americans go to war in a dizzying variety of countries."


The Fox News host went on to cite other instances of Boot's support of U.S. involvement in various foreign affairs and conflicts, including calls to go to war against Saudi Arabia and occupy nuclear-armed Pakistan.

"Sure, we can afford it," Carlson mocked after quoting Boot once calling to turn Iraq into a "beacon of hope for the oppressed peoples of the Middle East." "It'll be easy. Now, trillions of dollars and more than a million dead people later, how did Max Boot’s prediction work out? Don’t ask. He's got a new war to sell you. It's 'our war.'"

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