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Newsweek Twitter Hacked by Pro-ISIS #CyberCaliphate

ISIS sympathizers hacked Newsweek’s Twitter account for 14 minutes on Tuesday morning. While in control, the self-ascribed ‘Cyber Caliphate’ tweeted threats to the President Obama, his wife, and children. 


The International Business Times’ website and the Latin Times Twitter account were also hacked Tuesday. The two news organizations, along with Newsweek, share the parent company IBT Media.

Only last month the group hacked the U.S. Central Command’s Twitter account during the very hour that President Obama was delivering a speech on cyber security.

Similarly to the @CENTCOM hack, the ‘Cyber Caliphate’ changed Newsweek’s profile picture to a masked man and the words ‘Je suIS IS.’ It also proceeded to ‘leak’ confidential documents from the account.

Newsweek promptly regained control of their account and issued an apology:

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