Colorado's New GOP Senator Discusses Priorities

Posted: Nov 06, 2014 7:26 PM

Rep. Cory Gardner (R) unseated Democratic incumbent Mark Udall in the Colorado Senate race Tuesday. The Senator-elect took the state by a narrow three percentage points.

Less than two days after the votes were in, Gardner explained to National Public Radio:

"Udall found out is that the people of Colorado want to talk about more than just one issue. Senator Udall focused his entire campaign as a social-issues warrior, and that was rejected by the people of Colorado, who embraced our plan of creating jobs and opportunity, growing energy independence, looking at education opportunities for the future and making sure were focused on protecting this great Colorado environment."

A few of the priorities Gardner mentioned were the Keystone XL Pipeline, altering the Affordable Care Act, and tax reform. He also expressed a desire to work with Democrats on certain areas such as repealing the medical device tax, repealing the IPAB Board, and restoring the 40-hour workweek. 

The key to moving forward, according to Gardner is to "provide the people of this country with competent and mature governance."