Zero Dems Accept Platform to Profess Obamacare Love, Still Ready to "Buy the Ink" for Obamacare Tattoo

Posted: Nov 21, 2013 2:07 PM

Not one of the 40 Democrats invited to show their love for Obamacare in a bipartisan setting accepted the Republican National Committee’s invitation.

Standing behind the lectern framed by two American flags and a banner reading “We’re Running on Obamacare in 2014,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus claimed Republicans are not afraid to put Obamacare at the forefront of their campaign.

“We invited Democrats running for the Senate and a number of House democrats running for re-election to join us today for a press conference about how we ALL want to make 2014 about Obamacare. We wanted to give them a platform to profess their love for Obamacare.

As you see we had a banner made here behind me. And if Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu, Kay Hagan or Mark Begich or any one of them came this morning, they would have had a chance to take their picture right in front of this banner that we made just for them. And we would have been happy to post it all over the internet and use it in advertisements all over their home states."

Priebus was not just being cheeky. The Democratic National Committee has said it is “eager and proud to run on Obamacare.” Nancy Pelosi also stated that Democrats will “stand tall” on Obamacare. So where were they today?

“We’ll tattoo [Obamacare] on their foreheads,” Priebus vowed.

The DNC's response: we'll "buy the ink."

While not eager enough to show their face at the press conference, Communications Director Mo Elleithee was eager enough to blog about it:

I’ve got a message for Reince – bring it on.

You see, I’m a Democrat who – despite all the glitches -- is anxious, eager and proud to run ON the Affordable Care Act.


Because it’s working, and people are already getting better, more affordable health care than before.

People no longer have to worry about losing coverage for preexisting conditions.

Young Americans are able to stay on the parent’s health plan for longer.

People across the country are able to shop around and find better coverage for less money.

And 500,000 Americans have, so far, been able to sign up for health coverage through the federal exchange, state exchanges, and Medicaid expansion.

That’s half a million Americans who did not have health insurance, that now do. And one million more consumers are ready to get the plan that’s right for them. And that’s just in one month.

Has it been perfect? No. President Obama and Democrats are the first to admit the website challenges have been unacceptable. Would more people be able to enroll if the website was working properly – yes, of course. And they will.”

Elleithee reverted to blaming Republicans for the partial government shutdown: “No wonder a poll this week showed Congressional approval at an all-time low: nine percent!”

You know who else is at an all-time low at 37 percent? The president and creator of the legislation.

As loyal as Democrats claim to be, the harsh truth is that no one wants to brand themselves with the failing bill.

According to last week's Gallup poll, 55 percent disapprove of Obamacare.

Republicans against Obamacare are the only ones who can truly be eager and proud to use Obamacare as a springboard for campaign season 2014.

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