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AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

CBS issued a new version of its interview with Vice President Kamala Harris, shockingly admitting that it "incorrectly" edited a fiery conversation. 

During an interview on Face the Nation, host Margaret Brennan made headlines when she asked Harris if she was prepared to step into President Joe Biden's shoes should he no longer be able to serve in office. 


Brennan points out the contrast between Biden and Harris's age in a more extended clip that was not initially aired. She then cited numerous attacks from Republican candidates regarding the issue. 

"The Wall Street Journal had a poll showing two-thirds of Democrats say Joe Biden is too old to run again. Are you prepared to be commander in chief?" Brennan asked. 

Harris responded that she was ready despite her polling numbers sinking below Biden's. 

"We are seeing Republican candidates hone in on you, in particular, as the next up for that job," Brennan continued. "Nikki Haley says 'a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for President Harris.' Chris Christie, 'I want to be clear that I pray every night for Joe Biden's good health, not only because he's our president, but because of who our vice president is.' Ron DeSantis, 'Harris is Biden's impeachment insurance. People know if she were president, batter the doors. As bad as Biden did, it would get worse.' How do you respond to all of that?"

In response, Harris claimed that the Biden Administration is "delivering for the American people." 

"And the reality is that, unfortunately, very few of those who challenge our administration actually have a plan for America," Harris said. 

The vice president attempted to brag about the Biden Administration's "accomplishments." However, Brennan interjected, saying that many people argue Harris being president would be a risk. 


"I mean, listen… in my career, as a career prosecutor, I was the first woman elected District Attorney of San Francisco, a major city in this country, and reelected. I was the first woman attorney general of the second largest Department of Justice in the United States and was reelected," Harris said. "I was the United States Senator, I represented one in eight Americans, and I'm now Vice President of the United States. They feel the need to attack because they're scared that we will win based on the merit of the work that Joe Biden and I and our administration have done."

Before the clip cut off, Brennan host pointed out that Democrats also worry about Biden's age. 

The incorrect version was shown to millions on broadcast, while the corrected version was streamed on CBS News Live and posted on social media.

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