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Illegal Aliens Protest Demanding Free Housing and Paid Job Training

AP Photo/Gregory Bull

Thanks to the Biden Administration, illegal migrants feel as if they are entitled to reap the benefits of hard-working Americans despite entering the U.S. illegally. 


This week, a group of illegal aliens protested in Chicago, demanding free housing, paid job training, and access to food, water, and “safe” neighborhoods.

The illegal protestors held signs that read, “We Need Paid Job Training,” “We Need Jobs,” and “We Need Housing.”

Another read, “You Promised Us Safe Living Conditions, But Our Rights Have Been Violated.” 

Chicago and other Democrat-run cities, such as New York, have faced a massive influx of illegal migrants flocking to the areas as President Joe Biden’s open-border policies continue to roll out the red carpet, welcoming them into the country. 

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) has vowed to make Chicago a “sanctuary city,” allowing illegal migrants into Illinois despite violating federal immigration law. 

Pritzker recently signed a bill into law that will allow the Illinois Human Rights Act to include “immigration status” as a protected class. 


Illinois became the first U.S. state to force landlords to rent to illegal migrants despite the massive cost-of-living hikes across liberal cities. Landlords across the state cannot refuse future renters due to their immigration status alone, even though illegal immigrants are eligible for deportation under U.S. law.

Earlier this year, residents of a Chicago neighborhood took legal action against the city over plans to turn an old high school building into a migrant respite center.

The city declared a state of emergency after more than 8,000 illegal migrants fled Chicago since last August. Additionally, more than 200 illegal aliens have flooded the city daily, overwhelming law enforcement faster than the city can open shelters.

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