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House Republican Says Mayorkas Has Broken 11 Laws, Suggests There Is Enough 'Dirt' to Impeach Him

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

House Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green (R-TN) says he has been working with informants who allegedly have information that could hold Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas accountable for failing to secure the U.S.-Mexico border. 


Green, who has been leading an investigation into Mayorkas, claims there is fraud within the woke Biden department. 

On Wednesday, the Republican revealed five prongs that could possibly prove Mayorkas has committed several crimes since being appointed to the DHS. 

"We've had some people — they're informants at this point," Green said during an event at the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank. "They're not whistleblowers yet because that triggers a special process, but there's potentially some, some fraud going on in the department, too."

As a conservative House Freedom Caucus member, Green says his findings could potentially be grounds to impeach Mayorkas. 

The first phase is a dereliction of duty, where Green highlighted eleven laws that Mayorkas has allegedly broken, including lying to Congress and refusing to obey two court orders.

The second phase is facilitating cartel crime and "how an open border is absolutely advancing the criminal."

Green criticized Mayorkas for doing nothing to protect the American people as over five million illegal aliens entered the U.S. under the Biden Administration. 


The third phase will reveal how Americans have suffered at the cost of Mayorkas time in his position. Green said the parents of minors who have died from fentanyl overdoses and the widow of a Border Patrol agent who committed suicide would testify before the committee. 

Green also plans to examine how financially damaging President Joe Biden's open border policies have impacted the U.S. as part of phase four. The final part of the committee's prong will center around what Green has learned from informants. 

"Both [Biden] and Secretary Mayorkas swore an oath to protect Americans, to protect the Constitution of the United States and our rights, and they failed to do that," Green said


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