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AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla) revealed why he decidednot to wait until 2028— or when former President Trump was out of the picture— to run for the GOP nomination. 


Outkick host Tomi Lahren asked DeSantis about voters who argued the governor should have waited for his "turn" to run in 2028 rather than 2024 against Trump, rejecting the idea that anyone is entitled to a turn at running for president.

"First of all, in America, we don't have turns. People can run if they believe they have something to offer the country. I can tell you as somebody that's worn the country's uniform, who served in Iraq, who believes in a cause greater than myself, I believe 2024 is make or break," DeSantis said. 

The governor echoed recent claims saying that he is the one who can beat President Joe Biden. 

"I believe 2024 is make or break. I don't think we have time for excuses. I've shown the ability to defeat the Democrats," he added. "Yes, at the ballot box by winning Florida by a historic margin, but also on issue after issue."

DeSantis told Lahren that his ability to take action and "walk the walk." has proven that he will deliver promises to Americans, citing his successful handling of lockdowns, education, and transgender athletes competing with women and illegal migrants. 

Despite the Florida governor being behind in the polls, DeSantis has dismissed negative reactions, saying he is running to win in January and February— not "to juice polling now."

A recent Marquette University Law School Poll found that while Trump led DeSantis by only one percentage point in the GOP primary field, DeSantis beat Trump by a whopping 57 to 41 percent when asked whom they would vote for in a head-to-head matchup between the two rivals. 


Political analyst Robert Collins told Newsweek that DeSantis's decision to run in 2024 was "bold," arguing that the governor is a young candidate with time to wait for the next election cycle. 

"Some candidates feel that they only get one shot, and if they don't take their shot in time, the moment will pass them by, and the attention of the voters will shift elsewhere," Collins said. "DeSantis is young enough to wait and run for president in a future cycle. However, DeSantis is placing a bet that he thinks that eventually a criminal conviction will remove Trump from the race and give DeSantis a clear shot at the nomination." 

Trump previously criticized DeSantis for running against him, calling him "disloyal." The 45th president claimed that without his endorsement, DeSantis would not have secured the Republican nomination for Florida governor in 2018. 

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