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Fury Erupts After School Uses $4,000 of Covid Funds to Host Drag Shows for Kids

A New Hampshire high school is facing heat for using thousands of dollars left over from its Covid-19 funds to put on a drag show featuring men parading around in inappropriate clothing for children. 


According to the Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan— which was supposed to help offset the damaging side effects of the politically motivated lockdowns--not to indoctrinate children with the Left-wing’s radical agenda. 

Manchester West High School in New Hampshire reportedly will use $4,000 leftover from its Covid money to fund Pride events for June— which the LGBTQ community has unofficially claimed the whole month should be dedicated to them.

$500 of that money, approved by Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig, will go towards hiring drag queens. 

According to Newsweek, the event is causing a “rift” between some Republicans and Democrats. 

New Hampshire Department of Education Commissioner and Republican Frank Edelblut questioned whether hosting a gay pride event for minors is an appropriate use of taxpayer funds— which should go towards bettering students’ education or providing them with more extracurricular. 

The district’s mayor refused to comment on the backlash she faces following her decision to expose kids to adult-themed activities. 


However, superintendent Jennifer Gillis explained that using taxpayer money to host drag events for children is just a part of the community’s strategic plan. 

“As a district, we support and care for all our students as they learn and grow. Events such as this are consistent with the goals of our community-developed strategic plan and in line with District policies,” Gillis said in her statement. “It’s important to note that West High School has been hosting a Pride event since 2018, and the agenda for this event is similar to other years.”

Gillis called it an after-school extracurricular that will be “well-attended,” and confident parents and kids will praise it. 

Newsweek noted that Biden’s American Rescue Plan’s vague guidelines of how the Covid funds can be used are just one of its problems. 


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