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AP Photo/Veronica G. Cardenas, File

The Biden Administration continues to ignore Republican pleas to build a border wall to stop the surge of illegal migrants from entering the U.S.

However, one Democrat accidentally let it slip that border walls do work. 


During a Senate hearing, Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn) questioned Biden nominee Yael Lempert about the $150 million allocated to Jordan for border security in the fiscal year 2023 omnibus package. 

“The omnibus last year provided for at least $150 million for border security in Jordan,” Hagerty began. “It’s a large amount of taxpayer dollars. And if you think about the purpose of this, it’s to provide physical security, to keep people from illegally crossing into Jordan, isn’t that correct?” 

In response, Lempert agreed that border walls work after all, despite Democrats pushing to keep them from going up along the U.S.-Mexico border. 

“It is to provide physical security, to stop drug smugglers, to deal with the threat of Jordan’s neighbor, Syria. Obviously, the conflict there continues, and it’s a dangerous neighborhood,” Lempert said. 

Hagerty then asked if physical security along the border was effective, which she confirmed. 

“I just think it’s an important lesson for us to learn, as Americans, that we’re spending United States taxpayer dollars to support border security in a country that we’re trying to build stronger relations with,” Hagerty added. “I think we ought to be learning a lesson ourselves because there’s not a penny in the president’s budget to support our own border security here.”


In 2020, then-presidential candidate Joe Biden declared that if he were to be elected, “not another foot of wall constructed on my administration.” 

He and the Democratic Party condemned the Trump-era action of building border walls before building a wall as the crisis began to get out of hand. 

Last year, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy questioned White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Biden’s sudden reversal of the wall. 

Jean-Pierre denied that the Biden Administration was finishing former President Trump’s border wall, blaming him for the “mess.” 

“So, we are not finishing the wall; we are cleaning up the mess the prior administration left behind in their failed attempt to build a wall,” Jean-Pierre said at the time. 

Doocy pressed Jean-Pierre, saying, “But, President Biden, when he was a candidate, said, ‘There will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration.’ So, what changed?” 

The Biden White House continued denying they were finishing Trump’s wall. “We are not finishing the wall,” adding that it is “an ineffective use of taxpayer dollars.”

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