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Trans Extremist Goes Rogue, Flips Table at TPUSA As Biden WH Insists Trans Community Is Under Attack

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

A transgender activist went rogue at the University of Washington, confronting a Turning Point USA student group accusing them of supporting “the genocide of trans kids.” 


Footage of the incident captured a trans protestor, who appeared to be a man wearing a dress and a mask (outdoors), attacking the conservative group, calling them “dumb b**tches.” 

“Yeah, you just support the genocide of trans kids,” the trans activist said; in return, one of the TPUSA representatives said, “That’s such an assumption.” 

The TPUSA rep asked the extreme liberal to point out what exactly is “anti-trans” on their information table. 

The transgender flipped the table, sending all the material flying across the pavement while shouting, “Get the f*** off my campus, you Nazi!”

Transgender activists have increasingly become more angry and dangerous as the trans movement becomes more “acceptable” as the radical Left pushes for its normalcy. 

Earlier this week, a group of transgender activists ambushed pro-swimmer Riley Gaines after she gave a speech about saving women’s sports during a TPUSA event. She claimed that a “man wearing a dress” hit her repeatedly, forcing her to barricade in a closet for nearly three hours before police officers deemed the area safe enough for her to leave. 


Meanwhile, the Biden White House claims that the trans community is “under attack,” which came days after a transgender school shooter opened fire on children and staff at a Nashville Christian school. 

“Tomorrow is trans visibility day – on the day that we should be lifting up our trans kids, our trans youth and making sure that they feel seen we’re seeing more and more of these hateful, hateful bills,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said. “And so it is shameful. It is disturbing. And our hearts go out to those in the trans community as they are under attack right now.” 


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