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Caroline Brehman/Pool via AP

The transgender assistant health secretary for the Biden Administration, who wants to normalize children getting life-alternating sex change procedures, admitted to being glad for waiting until adulthood to begin the transition. 

In a resurfaced video, Rachel Levine there are "no regrets" about transitioning later in life, despite advocating sex change for minors before their brains are fully formed. 

"You know, my transition was very different … I transitioned over ten years," Levine said in the 2019 clip. "Most people don't take that long. I have no regrets because if I had transitioned when I was younger, I wouldn't have had my children. I can't imagine a life without my children." 

Levine began the transition in 2011 at age 54 after marrying Martha Peaslee Levine for 23 years with two adult children.

"I don't know if I was 15 today if I would take so long," the woke HHS official said. 

According to Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.), a House Doctors Caucus physician member, gender-affirming care can cause infertility issues, making it more difficult or impossible for women to get pregnant down the road. However, if kids decide to undergo hormone blockers or a sex-change surgery at such a young age, the chances of them regretting it years from now are high.

This comes after Levine, the first openly transgender government official, promised to "normalize" transgender surgery for children. 

"I can say that the children, their families, and you all as their providers have support at the highest levels of the federal government," Levine said. "President Biden supports you … Vice President [Kamala] Harris supports you. Across the administration, the departments support you," adding that she talks "about this topic everywhere I go."

The Biden official is hopeful the transgender movement will become less of a political "minefield" and soon will be 'fully embraced.' 

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